10 tips to conveniently avoid exposure to plastic


Plastic has unknowingly made its way into our lives and has dangerously sabotaged the food chain posing serious threat to our health. From plastic utensils to storage boxes and from veggies stored in polythene to having water from plastic bottles, we are in the midst of a crisis which has invaded our lives. According to Kejal Sheth, Nutritionist, Weight Management Expert and Founder of Nutrivity.in, “A host of health problems linked to the usage of plastic include- infertility or reduced fertility among women, certain types of cancer, neurological difficulties, early puberty in girls and sometimes even defects in new-born babies. BPA – (Bisphenol A) a chemical used in making plastics is a toxic compound which is believed to cause these problems. Mixing together of plastic and food also has an impact on the quality of hair, hair loss, diabetes, slow metabolism etc.” We stick to plastic because it is convenient. But we can easily do away with this harmful thing without compromising on our convenience. Here are some tips:

by Kritika Pushkarna

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