Tamilnadu CM's photo in the Dengue poster is to scare the mosquitoes, says the state Government


Chennai. Tamilnadu CM photo in the Dengue poster is to scare the hell out of the mosquitoes, says the state Government in a press release. The government categorically trashed all the news channels with #PhotoOp hashtag flashing and running in the footer of a TV screen.

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister ‘Edappadi’ K Palaniswami along with ministers during the swearing-in ceremony at Raj Bhavan in Chennai on Thursday. PTI Photo R Senthil Kumar(PTI2_16_2017_000191B)

“We do everything in our capacity to get rid of them Dengue mosquitoes. We know all about Vector. The magnitude and the direction and the application of it in physics and mathematics. We do not appreciate the opposition parties mentioning this Vector and that vector as if we are a bunch of imbeciles. Officially we want to declare that we have full control of the situation, vector or not” the health minister told Faking News.

“How does one control mosquitoes? There are 2 methods. The first one, and the most ordinary method, is to protect us with mosquitoe nets and odomos cream. Our government, much in the thought process of Amma, always looks for scientific methods in everything we do. The second method is to scare them mosquitoes away. The photo of our chief minister can scare the scariest of wild animals in a zoo or in the forest. Mosquitoes are the easiest prey. We have printed the photo in every poster that is out, controlling the Dengue in the state” he further added, fearfully looking at one of the posters.

“We are in fact creating a new Dengue ministry and making one of the mlas from OPS faction as the minister. We will make sure that the minister hangs on to the power till the end of our term. If someone from TTV ‘sleeping’ mlas wants to join our mission, we are more than willing to create another Mosquitoe ministry which will control all mosquitoes in general, not just the Dengue ones. In all, Tamilnadu government is ready to face the challenge. Are you ready to take the bite?” he asked in the general direction of all the critics on the #PhotoOp.

Meanwhile, the party heavyweights have put up a huge poster of a mosquitoe in the chief minister’s office, to help him slowly get rid of the clear and present danger of Dengue fear or fever.

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